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Learn about your Clutch

When does your clutch need to be checked and adjusted?

Clutches can last for over 80,000 miles but can also show signs of wearing around 35,000 miles. It is important to use your clutch with care to extend its life and prevent early wearing. If you have a hydraulic operated clutch, you should have your clutch’s hydraulic fluid checked regularly. There are a couple signs to watch to determine if you should have your clutch inspected. First, if you have to press down hard on your clutch pedal, you may have what’s called a “hard” clutch. This can mean that your clutch is sticking. You should also pay attention for any noises your transmission makes when you engage your clutch. If you hear rumbling or grinding noises, there may be a problem with your clutch release fork. If you suspect any problems with your clutch, you should have it inspected to prevent any further damage to your engine or transmission.