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Why do rear disc brakes need to be serviced?

Having proper working disc brakes is essential to operating a safe vehicle. If you have worn brake pads, operating your vehicle can be dangerous. Worn disc brakes can lead to braking failure and can cause accidents. Also, if you wait too long to get your brake pads changed, you can incur many additional costs. Once the brake pads are completely worn, each time you step on your brake pedal, your vehicle’s calipers will be squeezing metal on metal. This can lead to further damage on your vehicle’s rotors, and you will then need to replace not only your brake pads but also your rotors as well.Rotors must be inspected for excessive wear. Brake pads and rotors have matching wear patterns, and if a brake pad needs to be replaced, the rotor will have to be machined smooth. A rotor can be machined smooth only so many times before it is worn too much. Each rotor must have a certain width, which is inscribed on the rotor, and if the rotor is too worn, it must be replaced. The rotor should also be inspected for any heat cracks or other damage. Calipers should also be inspected to check for any brake fluid leaks.