Automotive Q&A

Learn about your Clutch

Why does your clutch need to be checked and adjusted?

Over time friction will wear down the surface of objects and since your clutch uses friction to operate, there are parts that will wear down. The clutch plate surface is covered with a friction material that wears away from constant use. When this happens, your clutch plate will begin to slip and won’t be able to sustain the force necessary to keep the engine and transmission connected. However, the clutch plate wears only when the engine and transmission are spinning at different rates. This means that the driver of a vehicle slips the clutch or takes his/her foot off the clutch too early. Another clutch problem deals with sticking. This means that the clutch doesn’t release all the way, and the engine is still in limited contact with the transmission. When this happens, your transmission will grind and may not even be able to switch gears.