Engine Diagnostics and Performance

On-Board Engine Diagnostics and Performance

All vehicles manufactured after 1996 have what is known as an on-board diagnostics system. While this might be news to you, the ‘check engine’ light or the ‘service engine soon’ light probably isn’t. The longer the vehicle is driven, the more likely one of those lights has illuminated on the dashboard.

The on-board diagnostics system is a computer system which monitors and records engine performance. Any discrepancy is recorded. Those engines with no routine maintenance are more likely to trigger the ‘check engine’ light because of sub-par engine performance. By having engine diagnostics run by qualified staff, repairs and maintenance can be performed to keep the engine running optimally. The engine diagnostics provide trouble codes which describe the malfunctioning component. Tune-ups are the best way to ensure the engine operates efficiency and to avoid the ‘check engine’ light. A tune-up typically includes spark plug replacement, fuel filter replacement, air filter replacement, spark plug wires replacement, as well as, belts and hose replacement. Simply by performing regular maintenance can greatly extend the lifespan of your vehicle’s engine.

Engine Diagnostics and Performance Benefits

While it might seem obvious the performing regular maintenance can help engine performance, there are signs which can be indicative that engine repair is needed. If the ‘check engine’ or ‘service engine soon’ lights are coming on, then it is important the engine should be looked by a professional. When those indicator lights come on, the associated trouble codes can be looked up and addressed by a qualified expert.

Some common problems which can cause the trouble codes to be registered in the computer system are slow engine cranking, stalling, knocking, rough idle, or engine pinging during acceleration. These can all be indicative of an engine in need of servicing. When drivers recognize they are getting lower gas mileage can also be an indicator that something is wrong with the engine just as recognizing the loss of power during acceleration can be. Warning lights are the obvious indicators that the engine is not operating at an optimal level but paying attention to the other indicators can be just as important. If you have questions regarding the function of your engine and the part diagnostics can play in its operation, please reach out to us today.

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Engine Diagnostics

The OBD System, or On-Board Diagnostics System, was originally installed to monitor vehicle emissions, but it also detects problems…

Approx. Time: 60 Minutes
Engine Tune-Up

In the past, engine tune-ups were much more time consuming because they required a motorist to check a variety of parts…

Approx. Time: 180 Minutes