Glass Repair and Replace

Glass Repair and Replacement Description

The first automobiles didn’t have windshields and windows. As cars grew more powerful and operated at faster speeds it became necessary to put something in place to shield drivers and passengers from road debris. Now, windshields and windows serve multiple functions. Front and rear windshields help shield drivers and passengers from such environmental hazards as sun glare, dirt and dust, and wind. They also help to keep passengers and drivers from being ejected during an accident. When airbags deploy, they actually rely on windshields as part of their deployment. Windshields also provide added support to the vehicle roof to keep it from collapsing during the event of an accident. Side windows provide occupants with clear views of the area around the vehicle and offer the same protections against the environment and during accidents. We are more than happy to help you with all of your auto glass replacement or repair needs.

Glass Repair and Replacement Benefits

Glass is long lasting. However, it can weaken over time, becoming more likely in hazardous environments. If road debris hits the glass in either the windshield of window, it can be repaired if addressed quickly. If not repaired, cracks can worsen, weakening the windshield to the point it will need to be replaced. When the airbags are deployed, many times windshields are forced outward from the vehicle. It is important to make sure the driver’s field of vision remains clear through the windshield. This can be maintained by removing scratches and nicks from the glass. It is important to have windows and windshields repaired or replaced to ensure the continued safety of the occupants.

Greulich’s Automotive Repair proudly serves the Glass Repair and Replace needs of customers in Scottsdale, AZ, Cave Creek, AZ, Phoenix, AZ, and surrounding areas.

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