Starting, Charging & Batteries

Starting, Charging & Batteries Description

Critical to regulating various electrical processes in your engine, the starting and charging systems are important to keeping the engine running efficiently. The vehicle starting system has a starter motor to turn the flywheel, battery, and starter solenoid which is needed to start the engine. Once the engine is running, the charging system recharges the battery and maintains the proper amount of voltage passing through the electrical system of the engine. It consists of a voltage regulator and alternator. The battery supplies the power to start the engine. It sends the voltage when the key is turned in the ignition. When the voltage arrives at the starter, the starter motor turns the engine which starts the process of internal combustion. The voltage regulator ensures the electrical power flows at an appropriate level, while the alternator powers the various components in the vehicle. It also recharges the battery and maintains the appropriate charge.

Starting, Charging & Batteries Benefits

Signs that the charging and starting systems of your vehicle could be struggling can include dim headlights and slow cranking engines. A weak battery could be the cause. It is critical to providing the appropriate power to start the engine. When the battery gets weak enough, it can no longer start the vehicle. If jump starting the vehicle fails to recharge the battery adequately, it might be time for a new one. Our staff can look at various components in both the charging and starting systems to see if any of them need to be repaired or replaced. Each component plays an important part in the charging and starting systems of the vehicle. When one isn’t operating correctly, it can affect the others, effectively rendering the entire system useless. If your vehicle is experiencing problems, then its time to bring it in so our staff can completely evaluate your vehicle and fix the issues.

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Alternator Replacement

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Approx. Time: 120 Minutes
Battery Replacement

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Approx. Time: 15 Minutes
Starter Replacement

The starter is a motor that, when supplied with electricity from a vehicle’s battery, will engage the flywheel and crank the engine…

Approx. Time: 60 Minutes
Starting & Charging System Check

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