Steering and Suspension System

Steering and Suspension System Description

Your vehicle employs a steering and suspension system in order to operate in a safe and comfortable manner during operation. It helps to maintain proper traction regardless of terrain and allow proper driving performance. Steering allows drivers to maintain control in various driving conditions. The suspension is a system which helps to minimize bumps so the driver can control the vehicle. Suspension components can include shock absorbers and coil springs which dampen the effect of bumpy terrain. Each suspension system has different components, but they all can wear and break down over time. This is because of the constant stress of normal driving conditions. When road conditions are rough, this can cause them to wear more quickly. This can lead to the vehicle pulling to one side during operation which can result in the potential for accidents. We have the proper equipment to test and inspect each component of the suspension system to determine if it needs to be repaired or replaced.

Steering and Suspension System Benefits

When the vehicle is unsteady on the road or the steering is stiff during operation, it is usually an indication that something is wrong with the suspension. If the vehicle sways passing over bumps or exhibits excessive bouncing, it can result in loss of control. The same can be said for drifting to one side during braking. This can lead to improper tire wear and loss of control while driving. This can also an indicator that the vehicle is out of alignment. This can occur whenever the vehicle hits a pothole while driving. Worn suspension and steering components can lead to vehicle instability and loss of control. When one component becomes worn and isn’t replaced, it can put additional strain on other parts which can cause them to wear out more quickly. If you have questions about the suspension or steering system of your vehicle, come on down and let us inspect it for you.

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